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Advanced SystemCare PRO is a full suite that helps make your computer run with the quickness it had when it was brand new. It also has incredible security that runs 24 hours a day.

This version of PRO includes Advanced SystemCare Free, which helps you keep your system clean, safe, and reliable.

The program is capable of eliminating or resolving any threat, registry error, deleted file, privacy issue, or Internet connection problem that you have, thanks to a comprehensive scan.

The toolbox shows you in a simple view all the functions that Advanced SystemCare PRO is capable of. Some of the options are: clean, optimize, repair, security, control, and advanced, each of which includes a list of options to care for your system.

The main advantages of this version are its ability to clean the registry and the disc, to get a faster connection, and to completely repair any problems in Windows, all of which are not found in the free version.

On top of having a normal antivirus program, another program works behind the scenes, blocking the downloading of malicious files to your PC and the access to content that is not suitable for your system.
New Advanced SystemCare 9: Easy optimization for Windows

Not everyone is very handy with this business of keeping their PC running well, which usually involves messing with various tools to solve common computer performance problems. Conscious of that, IOBit has released a new version of Advanced SystemCare, its maintenance and cleaning suite for Windows that automates the whole process without leaving aside a certain level of depth to manually polish particular aspects of your operating system.
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Trial version available for 3 months.

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